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Capturing your best moments, and videotaping your unforgettable events are two essential services of the success recipe. To ensure that your event’s memories stay with you throughout your life, it is fundamental that proper footage, editing of photos and professional videography are done. Moreover, DW Power Media events have collaborations with highly skilled photographers, talented videographers. With their expertise in editing, flying drones and animating they will add the artistic sparkle to your event’s photos and videos.

How we do it

First of all, our choice of the photography team is very dependent on the type of your event, whether it is a wedding, a birthday, a music festival, a corporate function, a branding or a private event, we have the appropriate choice for you. For instance, post the event, your photos, wedding pictures, and related videos will be edited according to your preference. Therefore, this process takes between two to three weeks until your photography and videography packages are delivered to you.

Our agreement

Directly after we reach an agreement on your event, DWPM’s management team will get in contact with the lead photographer that matches your event’s vision. In other words, the lead photographer will provide us with the scope of work, package deal, timelines, schedules and detailed proposal for the photo albums and videos editing. Therefore, we highly recommend a meeting between you and the photographers so they get to know you and explore how they could customize the photographs and videos to suit your expectations.

DWPM is an industry-acclaimed video production company in Germany. that works with agencies, government departments, and brands to create videos designed to inspire and connect with the audience through clear storytelling.

In addition, with years of experience in the business, we understand what our clients need – from professional video content to personal branding and digital marketing. Our company provides production services to a wide variety of industries, including hospitality, restaurants, schools, retail brands, education, real estate, banking, and automobiles.

Above all, our dedicated videographers in Germany know how to approach each project of every scale, detail, and genre, from single-camera studio interviews to multi-camera commercial shoots, events video coverage, and branding video productions. We offer you ideas and solutions if you wish to use videos to promote your new product, your brand, your vision, or to simply capture the memories of your most awaited event.

However, as one of the premier video production companies in Germany, DW Power Media has experience in creating high-definition videos for a wide range of clients across a diverse spectrum of businesses and industries in Europe.


Every wedding is transformed into a royal spectacle, one where each bride becomes the Queen she’s been dreaming of becoming ever since she was a little girl.

We know the importance of this day for you and we have a passion in making it unforgettable, even in the smallest details.

Whether you fancy an eclectic buffet, desire an original music composition for your majestic entrance, delicate floral creations or perhaps dream of a magical location to say “I do”, we are right here to make it all come true, while all you worry about is living your moment of royalty.